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The Maltese Islands are strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, 93km South of Sicily.

The largest island out of the three populated ones is Malta, followed by Gozo, a charming and tranquil sister island and finally Comino. Valletta, a baroque capital city, is the cultural, administrative and commercial center of the islands.

The islands have an area of circa 316sqm. For instance, the entire length of the island can be driven in about one hour.

In conclusion, Malta is the second most densely populated piece of land in Europe with a current population of circa 500,000. There are approximately 1250 persons per square kilometer, all spread through the numerous villages, which almost blend into each other.

The official languages are Maltese and English. Italian is also widely spoken.

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Malta's unique 7000 years old cultural and historical heritage has left a visible mark on the Maltese landscape.  In fact, apart from Rome, Malta has the highest concentration of heritage sites.

Maltese culture originates largely from the islands' history of domination and colonization by multiple foreign influences.  These include Arab, Norman, European and English influences together with the widespread prevalence of Roman Catholic Church.

Malta became independent in 1964 and finally in 1974 it was granted Republic status. On 1st  May 2004, Malta was accepted as an EU Member State along with nine other countries.

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