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Circle Group Company Ltd provides storage, logistics, retail, food services and the group is involved in the building industry.

The group brings together desirable skills from across the diverse sectors.

Our main objective is to provide our customers with a vast range of products and services in line with their needs, through all the different companies of the group, backed up, by genuine customer service. Circle Group Company Ltd, mainly trades through the following companies: Unistores (Services) Ltd, Transporter Ltd, Food Stores Limited, Spells Limited, First Choice Ltd, MBM (Modern Building Methods) Ltd and Medi Terra Ltd.

About Us 

The origins of the Group date back to the 1960s. Until recently, the various facets of the business operated independently from one another with both family values and approaches at the core of everything.  Recently it was deemed necessary to establish a group of companies in order to operate more efficiently.

The Group remains a family owned organization, run by a small, dedicated and motivated management team which is the driving force behind it.  Simultaneously, it is fully committed to its team of professionals who together strive to position themselves with dynamic achievement.  

We have long had the clear vision to create a progressive and diverse group.  Our endeavours have not been easy and we have full-filled numerous new challenges to achieve our goals.  Throughout this venture, we never lost sight of our direction and are proud of the new standards introduced in the various sectors that we operate.

What drives us on

At Circle Group we have a clear vision for a more progressive and diverse group. Our endeavors have never been easy but we are committed to work harder in order to reach our objectives.

Throughout this challenge we never lost sight of our goals and we are proud of the standards that we have managed to achieve. Our values underpin everything we do and our decisions are based on corporate social responsibility with full commitment towards sustainability of the environment.

Our Mission

A business empowered by its People and its Principles.

Our core purpose is to create genuine value for our customers thus earning their lifetime loyalty.  We are wholly dedicated to offering quality , value and customer service.  Our success depends entirely on people: the people who shop with us and the people who work with us.

  • Sectors
    Storage, logistics, retail, food services and the building industry
  • Company Size
    125 - 150 Employees
  • Head Office
  • Founded
    In the early 1960’s